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The Secrets Zone

This Page is Dedicated to my story The Secrets Zone
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The Secrets Zone
By:Kristopher Odom
Entry From:The Journal Of Agent KO

Part 1

“Jump time in T-minus 30 seconds. ” It was time. It was the middle of the night and I was about to start my first mission. I grabbed my parachute and my gear. In my backpack full of gadgets my favorites being folding hook that looks like a IPad, my night vision/regular vision binoculars, my video watch, and my computer screen that is built into my sunglasses that is all the gadgets that I can tell you about for now. My mission was to parachute 14 miles away from an enemy base and then sneak into it and gather Intel that contains the code to the nuclear missile that is aimed at the White House. I have less than two days to complete this mission. “Jump Time in T minus 10 seconds”. Here I gooooooo!!!!!!!! I stepped out of the airplane door, beginning my free fall to the earth 7000 feet below. Wind whipped past my face, the green blur beneath me quickly materializing into trees of the jungle. Hand clenched on my ripcord, I pulled the cord and my parachute flew out and yanked me to a slower speed.This is AWESOME! I fell for 20 seconds but it felt like forever. At first it was fun but it didn’t last the whole trip to the ground. Alright fun's over. I have to focus on my mission. I looked at a map of the area on my IPhone and planed my route to my first checkpoint. Three miles until I have to get in my camouflage. After walking about a mile I heard a noise. What was that noise? It almost sounds like a snake! I turned around to see a Full Grown Python Snake! Time for my tazer darts, I am glad I pack them for my mission. I took careful aim and shot the Python right in the neck.As i put my tazer darts away I grabbed my night vision goggles and scanned the area to see if there was any more threats. After about 5 minutes to make sure I was alone I started to walk again. After about an hour I got the first check point and radioed to head quarters. In five miles i have another check in then I am on my own. I put on my camouflage and started to walk again. After three miles of walking I checked my GPS but it wasn’t getting a signal. I checked my radio and my phone for signal both read no signal. I saw a cliff nearby and started to walk to so I could try and get signal. But before I got to close I checked it out with my night vision and saw something I didn’t see before on the cliff disguised to blend with the rock was a mini base that had a satellite. Maybe that is what is causing my devices from being able to get a signal. This may be a trap of maybe even this is the main base and maybe the other base that my bosses saw when they planned this mission is a decoy. The only way to find out now is to climb up there and find out. All I know is if this is the main base then there is more to their plan then we thought. Now I am thinking that the python was no accident I think it was a trap and that they know I am here. I wish there was another route up the mountain than this one. They are probably waiting to catch me at the top. If I hurry before daybreak I may be able to climb up the other side and sneak in from the top of the mountain. As I started on my way I saw a tripwire that went around the base of the mountain. After that I knew I had reached the main base and that my whole mission relied on if I make it to the other side and and climb up and sneak into the base without setting off any traps that the enemy has set to keep intruders out. If I fail to get the info the whole U.S. will fall apart and be open to other countries to take over and ruin the lives of the U.S. people. Alot rest on me completing this mission but no pressure. This mission restarts here...

- Part 2

My feet started to move and my mind began to think. I traced the wire to see what the trap was when I got to the end to my surprise I saw a rack of machine guns. The triggers were connected to the string, loose but not to loose that way if the string was pulled they would go off. I took my knife and cut 2 of the machine guns off the rack and cut the string off the triggers and put them on my backpack. I did the same with one gun for me to carry and unhooked all the ammo in the guns and put the ammo in my backpack, took out my laptop and my climbing hook and got to work. Before I started to work on my laptop I looked at the guns closely and realized they were AK-47’s the most famous of all machine guns. This meant they had money and enough brains in their heads to know what to use to set a good trap. This means this will be alot harder than I thought. I was tempted to run back to my drop off point so I could radio headquarters but I knew that I couldn't turn back now. My mentor told me that this feeling is called the “Jazz” also he said that once you get the “Jazz” it never leaves you, to be specific it the feeling that when you come across a problem you will try everything possible even if that mean that you get hurt or even killed. Even if I do die It will be for a good cause. If I don’t die well I will NEVER forget this experience. All I need to do is survive long enough to get the code to headquarters so they can enter the code.

THEN. All of a sudden my radio crackled ... “Base to agent …. base to agent....over”.

I picked it up and answered “agent to base...agent to base...over”.

“Copy that agent we have lost your position can you inform us on you position”.

“No offense base but I have to ask for a pass code so I can release that information...over”.

“Agent to Base... Do you copy?...Over”

“Base to Agent.. Pass code is DNA 123...Over”

“That is correct base.. sending coordinates now”

“ Agent this must be malfunctioning we have you 3 miles away from target area”

“Base... that is not a mistake i think we have been tricked I found another hideout on the side of a mountain... I think this is the real enemy base the way this place is full of traps.”

“Agent we recorded that Info...there is no need to complete your mission now...”

“Base if we do not get that code then the White House will be destroyed...even if I do get fired for this I am going to get those codes and then I am going to radio for you to pick me up Then you can send the Calvary in to capture them...over”

“Ok Agent we will do this your way if it works you have a job if not you are going to be fired immediately...over”

“Base..thank you...any more questions?...”

“Agent...if you mind us asking how do you plan on getting in there...”

“Base...What I do does not matter..the only thing that matters is that you need to have a helicopter ready to pick me up and get out of hear...”

“Agent.. we have a helicopter on its way now...that means you have 2 hours to complete this mission.....”

“Base...Ok in 2 hours and 15 minutes I am going to need 2 fighter jets to blow this place to smithereens...over and out...”

Part 3

After my conversation with base I started to climb up the mountain. I stated by put my right hand first, not above my head but high enough to start my climb. I fond a foot hold and started to climb. As I climbed I realized that I needed a way to tell if there was a trap ahead of me. So I found a ledge that provided a good amount of cover and put together a system to do so.

My system had a camera duck taped to my helmet. Then wired so it would be seen on my goggles by me. It was a setback but might come in handy in the future.

I started to climb again. Carefully but quickly. After about 30 minutes, my arms felt like they were about to fall off.Then I look up and saw that I only had about 30 meters left and then I would be done with the climbing. It was like a fire had been light on my butt I climbed that so fast I think that I set a new world record.

As I climbed over the top 3 uniformed enemy soldiers appeared. Before they could react I had singled out the leader (He had the cleanest uniform). I drew my gun shoot the lower ranked solders and knock the leader unconscious. After I made sure that he was knocked out, I took his uniform and put it on. I left almost all of my gear but its OK, I am sure base has plenty of replacements. All I took was my radio, the guns, the extra ammo, and the map I found in the leaders pocket. I made sure I collect the guns they were using and took out the ammo (they had FAMAS's). Again I took one of the guns just to make sure the leader couldn’t use it for anything.

While I walked to the base (which I located on the map), I found hidden in a small pocket on the leaders uniform a day planner but it was thin, I looked at the things for the rest of the day. at 4:15pm “I” had a meeting to receive the code from the commander. I have been very lucky in the past few minutes I hope my luck continues.

As I walked to the commanders office I knocked out a guard and took is .22 magnum folding pug. I may have to use it in the future. I found the commanders office walked up to it. I didn’t like the look of it from the outside the windows were barred and completely black. Now that I think about it this base is more like an upgraded mobster hideout than a terrorist base. I looked at the knob, reached out, grabbed it , and turned it. I started to pushed the door open but stopped, knocked, a voice yelled out and said...

Part 4

"Come in” said the enemy general.As I walked in I smelled food. My fist thought was, am I going to get some of that food? My second thought was, will the foods scent cover up the smell of fear, because I know I reeked of it. As I walked in I was greeted by the general. There was 2 plates of food waiting for me and him. At least I know I am able to get some food on my stomach. The meeting reminded me of a memory for not so long ago.
    It was a little over a year ago, the day I was as to join the CIA. The date was October 31,2009, Halloween. I had just finished a tour of duty with the Marines. Upon my arrival, a man in a block suit and black sunglasses even black shoes socks and skin. I didn’t know him, and he probably didn’t know me either. He approached me and told me to go to 1054 Lincoln street, in Washington,DC. Upon arriving at the location I took a long look at the building. It was old and beat down. I saw a note that told me to knock on the ally door, in the pattern. Knock wait 3 seconds, knock wait 3 seconds, knock wait 10 seconds. I had to repeat that 3 times my age(21). So I had to repeat it 63 times. When I finished the door opened and all the light were off. It was 10:30pm so I couldn’t see anything not even my hand 2 inches in front of my face. It didn’t seem like anyone was there but I steeped in anyway. Just as I had got far enough in so the door could close it did by itself. I could feel the wind from it as it closed,  I didn’t want to be scared I had just got from seeing the worst thing ever not even this could make me scared. Then a path light up on the floor. I followed the path till I came to a door. I knocked opened the door and food was waiting for me. A man behind the desk said welcome to the CIA recruitment headquarters.
    All of a sudden I was back in the enemy generals office somehow I had been having a conversation with him and eating the food.
    The General was not short but was not tall either. About medium height, he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. He asked me why I was in all me gear, I told him it had been a long day. We talked and laughed for about 15 minutes.
Then he had a serious look on face even his voice picked up a serious tone. He said “ Now, lets get down to business”. At first he didn’t seem like a serious person but I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover. I was a little relived to get this over with because time was running out. He gave me an envelope and told me to take the road and bury it at the bottom of the mountain. I told I would do it immediately, but that wasn’t my real plan. I had an envelope just like it in my bag, that when I went to bury it, I would swap the envelopes and bury the empty one. As I walked, I found the guard I  knocked out the earlier and took his radio. I went outside, found my bag, put the new envelope in it and started down the road.

(What you see is what I have been able to type so far.)

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  1. great job am ready to know what the voice said to you, but you need to correct one typo in part 3 you found the commanders room not fond the commanders room Rated the story but scale went 1-8 then 10. Since no 9 I had to check 8. Grandma


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