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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Codes and There Use for Spy Work

Spies use Cyphers to keep thier secrets and to reveal the secrets of their enemies. They use the Ceaser Cypher also known as The"Cypher Wheel", also they use the Pigpen Cypher, and the Vigenere Cypher. These are only a few Cyphers that spies use to track enemy spies and undercover the plans of people who want to disrupt the lives of the normal people like you and me. Without Cyphers our privacy would not exist and alot more wars would take place. Because spies exist and Cyphers exist we can ensure that our secrets are kept safe. These two things are very important to our everyday lives. The problems with this combonation is that they are often obscured and decived in how they work together in movies,newspaper,web articales,stories,books,and magizens.

For More Info On Spies And Cyphers Go To The Following Links:

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  1. Cool Kris....your post got me thinking more about why codes would actually be useful in the real world....not just in spy movies. I want to know more about who uses them....I'll do some research of my own!


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