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Friday, March 11, 2011

My Poetry. Enjoy!

No Title

If you call me I will come. If you seek me you will not find me. In the morning and in the evening when light is scarce, I lurk through the shadows, staying hidden from the light. I am the Predator I am the Prey. I can be nice or  a thorn in your big toe. I’m not scared to stand up for myself  but wont glance twice at a chance to run away. I can climb, I can run, and I can jump. When I fall I will land on my feet. I can eat meat I can eat vegetables. I have killer claws and small fangs. I have the most feared cousins in the world. I purr, an I hiss. I can fear and be feared. I can cause happiness or I can cause hate.Egyptians loved me, worshiped me in fact. But then I faded away from them. In today's times almost everyone has at least one of my species, but i also live in allays, streets, jungles, and boats. Dogs chase me, mice run from me...I am a CAT.

By:Kris Odom

When I

When I sit around the house.
When I forget to do my homework.
When I kick my soccer ball around the yard.
When I go to school 5 days a week.
When I walk down the school hallway.
When I watch 3 million minutes of T.V. on my phone.
When I sleep and when I eat.
Is when I live my life.

By: Kris Odom

P.S.-I didn’t Title the first poem because I wanted the end to tell about the beginning.

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