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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Secrets Zone Part 4

Part 4

"Come in” said the enemy general.As I walked in I smelled food. My fist thought was, am I going to get some of that food? My second thought was, will the foods scent cover up the smell of fear, because I know I reeked of it. As I walked in I was greeted by the general. There was 2 plates of food waiting for me and him. At least I know I am able to get some food on my stomach. The meeting reminded me of a memory for not so long ago.
    It was a little over a year ago, the day I was as to join the CIA. The date was October 31,2009, Halloween. I had just finished a tour of duty with the Marines. Upon my arrival, a man in a block suit and black sunglasses even black shoes socks and skin. I didn’t know him, and he probably didn’t know me either. He approached me and told me to go to 1054 Lincoln street, in Washington,DC. Upon arriving at the location I took a long look at the building. It was old and beat down. I saw a note that told me to knock on the ally door, in the pattern. Knock wait 3 seconds, knock wait 3 seconds, knock wait 10 seconds. I had to repeat that 3 times my age(21). So I had to repeat it 63 times. When I finished the door opened and all the light were off. It was 10:30pm so I couldn’t see anything not even my hand 2 inches in front of my face. It didn’t seem like anyone was there but I steeped in anyway. Just as I had got far enough in so the door could close it did by itself. I could feel the wind from it as it closed,  I didn’t want to be scared I had just got from seeing the worst thing ever not even this could make me scared. Then a path light up on the floor. I followed the path till I came to a door. I knocked opened the door and food was waiting for me. A man behind the desk said welcome to the CIA recruitment headquarters.
    All of a sudden I was back in the enemy generals office somehow I had been having a conversation with him and eating the food.
    The General was not short but was not tall either. About medium height, he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. He asked me why I was in all me gear, I told him it had been a long day. We talked and laughed for about 15 minutes.
Then he had a serious look on face even his voice picked up a serious tone. He said “ Now, lets get down to business”. At first he didn’t seem like a serious person but I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover. I was a little relived to get this over with because time was running out. He gave me an envelope and told me to take the road and bury it at the bottom of the mountain. I told I would do it immediately, but that wasn’t my real plan. I had an envelope just like it in my bag, that when I went to bury it, I would swap the envelopes and bury the empty one. As I walked, I found the guard I  knocked out the earlier and took his radio. I went outside, found my bag, put the new envelope in it and started down the road.

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